An engineering student must obtain more practical knowledge and practice through a practical learning approach by means of Project Works such as mini and main projects. These are commonly included as a part of their syllabus. 8051 is one of the most popular microcontrollers in use today. Many imitative microcontrollers have been developed based on8051微控制器。Hence, the 8051 microcontroller projects are an important skill for anyone who plans to go the product development. Thus, this article provides the top 8051 projects for engineering students.

Top 8051工程学生的微控制器项目

这pin diagram of 8051 microcontrollers consists of 40 pins which have 4 input and output ports. Wherein each port comprises 8 pins that can be arranged as inputs or outputs. 8051 Microcontroller is an 8-bit microcontroller, which has 8-data lines that can send and receive 8-bits data at a time. The8051微控制器架构consists of CISC based Harvard architecture.

8051年由40-pin图。要在20tand the advanced microcontrollers, it is advisable for the students to learn about basic microcontroller namely 8051 microcontrollers. In this article providing popular 8051 microcontroller based projects for engineering students to buy electronic project kits online in India. The list of 8051微控制器项目with abstracts is discussed below


车辆运动传感LED路灯与Que-Peak Hour Time Dimming



This will help to save more electrical energy. The IR Sensors are placed on both sides of the traveling way, that are used to sense the object’s movement and send the logic commands to an 8051 microcontroller to switch on or off the LEDs for a specific distance. Hence, this way of dynamically switching on and of the street lights


这main aim of this project is to determine the distance of the underground cable fault from the base station in kilometers. It is very difficult to repair of underground cables in case of any faults occurs. This proposed system is used to find the exact location of the fault is possible.




This project is to detect the failure of power grid synchronization while sensing the frequency and voltage which are not in an acceptable range, and then preventing the power supply to the distribution system. The microcontroller continuously monitors the over/under voltages and frequency using a set of comparators.


Since the main supply frequency cannot be altered, so this项目使用555计时器为了改变频率,而标准变瓦(自动转移器)用于改变输入电压以测试项目的工作。


这goal of this project is to develop an自动灌溉系统开启/关闭泵电机接通/断开土壤的水分含量。使用这种方法的改进是减少人为干预,并确保适当的灌溉。


This project uses an 8051 series microcontroller which is programmed to receive an input signal of varying moisture conditions of the soil through the sensing arrangement. Once the controller receives this signal, it generates an output that drives a relay for operating the water pump. This is achieved by using an op-amp as a comparator.

Mouse Function Achieved by a TV Remote for Cordless Operation


Mouse Function Achieved by a TV Remote for Cordless Operation
Mouse Function Achieved by a TV Remote for Cordless Operation

这software named “PC remote” is used on a PC that recognizes data received from the microcontroller through a COM port and performs required operation. The numbers on the TV remote are used to perform up, down, right, and left cursor movement. The features like left-clicking and right-click of the mouse can also be performed by the TV remote.

Robotic Vehicle Movement by Cell Phone


Robotic Vehicle Movement by Cell Phone
Robotic Vehicle Movement by Cell Phone

这se commands are fed to the microcontroller of the 8051 families to operate the vehicle movement through the motor interface. The motors are controlled using the motor driverIC与微控制器界面。This system uses the microcontroller from the 8051 family and a battery for a power source.

Garage Door Lifting System by Cell Phone

这main objective of this project is to lift a garage door by using a cell phone and avoiding the conventional method involving human labor for closing and opening the garage doors. This project is based on the concept ofDTMF(双音多频)。移动的每个按键上的数字按钮phone generates a unique frequency when pressed. These frequencies are decoded by the DTMF decoder IC at the receiving end, which is fed to the 8051 microcontrollers.

Garage Door Lifting System by Cell Phone
Garage Door Lifting System by Cell Phone

Time Programmed Sun Tracking Solar Panel

This project employs a solar panel mounted to a time-programmed stepper motor to track the sun so that maximum sunlight is made incident upon the panel at any given time of the day. This is best compared to the light-sensing method that may not be accurate always – for example, during cloudy days.

Time Programed Sun Tracking Solar Panel Project kit by Edgefxkits.com
Time Programmed Sun Tracking Solar Panel

本项目中使用的微控制器来自8051个家庭。这步进电机is driven by an interfacing IC as the controller is not capable of handling the power requirements of the stepper motor. This particular project is provided with a dummy solar panel, which can be used for demonstration purposes only.


该项目的主要概念旨在开发四象限 - 速度控制系统DC motor with PWM。这motor is operated in four quadrants they are clockwise, counterclockwise, forward brake, and reverse brake. It is very useful for industries wherein motors are used as per the requirement.





AC Transfer Wirelessly by HF using 8051 Microcontroller
AC Transfer Wirelessly by HF using 8051 Microcontroller

wireless power transfer正在开发230V 50Hz AC至12V 25-40 kHz交流电源的高频电源,使用高频变压器。输出被馈送到调谐线圈形成为空气芯变压器的主。接收次级线圈以运行负载。


Please refer to this link to know more about使用8051微控制器项目报告步进电机控制

Ultrasonic Water Level Controller with 8051 Microcontroller

请参阅此链接以了解更多信息water level controller using the 8051 microcontroller project



8051微控制器项目using Embedded System
8051微控制器项目using Embedded System


请参阅此链接以了解有关此项目的更多信息:What is Scrolling Message Display: Working & Its Applications

8051.Microcontroller Robotics Projects


Electronic Voting Machine using 8051




This project implements a system for a Visitor Counter in Bidirectional with the help of an 8051 Microcontroller. The main function of this project is to track the number of visitors entering and leaving the room and displays the number on LCD.



This project designs a fire alarm circuit to provide a reliable and better security system against fire disasters. This system uses a fire sensor to detect the fire. If the fire begins then the motor will start running and turn OFFs the motor when there is no fire.

In areas where fire alarm systems were fixed, we need to monitor the system because sometimes the sprinklers will not work properly due to the smoke caused by different reasons so it creates a huge nuisance so the false alarm can be generated.


Please refer to this link to know more aboutDigital Thermometers and Its Applications

8051.Microcontroller Interfacing with LCD

Please refer to this link to know more aboutLCD Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller

Object Counter using 8051

This project designs an object counter with the help of 8051 microcontrollers. The main objective of this object counter is to count the persons, vehicles, or any other passing across a door, gate, or line. This project is divided simply into two sections like the sensor section as well as the display section.




One of the DC drives is a rectifier using a series resistor. This drive can change the AC supply to DC supply to provide the supply to the motor using a switch. A series resistor changes the motor speed as well as direction. But some DC drives include a microcontroller, display, exact control & motors protection.


Humidity Sensor using 8051 Microcontroller


这applications of humidity sensors include air conditioner, the estimate of weather, etc. The working principle of the Humidity sensor is relative humidity and the output of this sensor is in voltage form. This voltage gives information regarding the humidity present within the atmosphere.

GLCD Interfacing with 8051



Auto Billing Mall Shopping Cart 8051


这list of8051.microcontroller project ideas包括以下内容。8051微控制器有几种应用。因此,8051个微控制器项目适合工程学生。因此,您可以在最后一年中引用基于以下列出的基于微控制器的项目中的任何一个,以了解8051微控制器PINS操作的概念。

  • 3 Phase Sequence Checker by LED Indication
  • 自动洗衣机电机控制系统
  • 基于IR通过TRIAC和DIAC的电气设备控制
  • AT89C51基于微控制器的直流电机控制
  • Counting System for Objects using Conveyer Belt in Industries
  • Indicator of Fuse Blown using Display of PC
  • 通过检测醇控制车辆
  • Alert System of Over Speed using GPS Speedo Meter
  • Indicator of Digital RPM for Electrical Motor using Alarm Indicator with Over Speed
  • 闹钟通过数字
  • Clap Counter through Digitally
  • 使用GPS和LCD的公交车站或火车的指示系统
  • 基于8051微控制器的数字骰子
  • Digital Thermometer through 8051
  • Identification System of Geographical location using Microcontroller & GPS
  • 使用LCD显示器通过数字电量计
  • 使用嵌入式实时时钟的行业设备控制系统
  • Digital Frequency Meter using LCD Display
  • Electronic Lock System through Code
  • 使用LCD和微控制器实现数字时钟
  • IR Sensor-based Distance Measurement through 8051 and ADC0804
  • 使用LCD温度显示的数字恒温器
  • Telephone Ring Sensed Flasher in Industrial Area
  • Enhancing Projection Lamp Life by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching):
  • Soft Start of Single Phase Pump Motor
  • Traffic Density Sensed Signal Light System
  • Car Parking Management by RFID
  • 工业应用中的障碍物感应切换
  • Urban Traffic Signal Based on Density and also with Remote Override
  • Exhaust Fan for Bidirectional Motion with Remote Control
  • 强度控制节能LED路灯
  • Conveyor Belt Object Counting with IR Sensing & Display
  • Dialed Telephone Number LED Based Display System
  • Patient Medication Reminder
  • Path Tracking Robotic Vehicle by Programmed Microcontroller
  • 电视遥控器速度控制
  • Scrolling Message Display by LCD from PC Terminal
  • Brushless DC Motor (BLDC)/PMDC Speed Control by PWM with RPM Display
  • 自动选择4个不同的4个不同来源 - 太阳能,电源,发电机和变频器,以确保没有断裂功率
  • PC控制监控摄像头


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这refore, this isall about 8051 microcontroller项目和在线网站必威网址下载电子项目套件。We believe that you might have got satisfied with this article. Apart from this, if you have any queries or suggestions regardingelectronics projects, please write down in the comments section given below.

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