Atmega328.Arduino Uno.Board Working and Its Applications

Arduino one kind of microcontroller board based on ATmega328, and Uno is an Italian term which means one. Arduino Uno is named for marking the upcoming release of microcontroller board namelyArduino Uno.Board 1.0。该板包括数字I / O引脚14,电源插孔,模拟I / PS-6,陶瓷谐振器-A16 MHz,USB连接,RST按钮和ICSP报头。所有这些都可以支持the microcontroller通过将该板连接到计算机来进行进一步操作。该板的电源可以在AC到DC适配器,USB电缆的帮助下进行,否则可以进行电池。本文讨论了什么是什么Arduino Uno.microcontroller,引脚配置,Arduino Uno规格或功能,and applications.

什么是Arduino Uno Atmega328? one kind of single-chip microcontroller formed with Atmel within themegaAVR family。这architecture of this Arduino Uno is a customized Harvard architecture with 8 bitRISC processor核。Other boards of ArduinoUnoinclude Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega, and Arduino Leonardo.

Arduino Uno Atmega328
Arduino Uno Atmega328

Arduino Uno Board的特点

features of Arduino Uno ATmega328includes the following.

  • 这operating voltage is 5V
  • 建议的输入电压范围为7V至12V
  • 这input voltage ranges from 6v to 20V
  • Digital input/output pins are 14
  • 模拟i/p引脚为6
  • 每个输入/输出引脚的DC电流为40 mA
  • DC Current for 3.3V Pin is 50 mA
  • 闪存为32 kB
  • SRAM是2 KB
  • EEPROM is 1 KB
  • CLK Speed is 16 MHz

Arduino Uno PIN图

这Arduino Uno.board can be built with power pins, analog pins, ATmegs328, ICSP header, Reset button,power LED,数字引脚,测试led 13,TX/RX引脚,USB接口,外部电源供应。这Arduino Uno董事会描述is discussed below.

Arduino Uno.Board Pin Configuration
Arduino Uno.Board Pin Configuration


Arduino Uno.电源供应can be done with the help of a USB cable or an external power supply. The external power supplies mainly include AC to DC adapter otherwise a battery. The adapter can be connected to the Arduino Uno by plugging into the power jack of the Arduino board. Similarly,电池引线可连接到VIN引脚和电源连接器的GND引脚。建议的电压范围为7伏至12伏。

Input & Output

arduino uno上的14个数字引脚可以用Pinmode(),DigityWrite()和数字读取()等函数用作输入和输出。

Pin1 (TX) & Pin0 (RX) (Serial):This pin is used to transmit & receive TTL serial data, and these are connected to the ATmega8U2 USB to TTL Serial chip equivalent pins.


Pins 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, & 11 (PWM):This pin gives 8-bit PWM o/p by the function of analogWrite().



Pin-4 (SDA) & Pin-5 (SCL) (I2C):它支持TWI-communica必威体育怎么登录tion with the help of the Wire library.

AREF (Reference Voltage):这reference voltage is for the analog i/ps with analogReference().

Reset Pin:该引脚用于重置(RST)微控制器。


本ATMEGA328 Arduino微控制器的存储器包括用于存储代码的闪存-32 kB,SRAM-2 KB EEPROM-1 KB。


这Arduino Uno Atmega328offers UART TTL-串行通信必威体育怎么登录, and it is accessible on digital pins like TX (1) and RX (0). The software of an Arduino has a serial monitor that permits easy data. There are two LEDs on the board like RX & TX which will blink whenever data is being broadcasted through the USB.

A SoftwareSerial library permits for serial communication on Arduino Uno digital pins and the ATmega328P supports TWI (I2C) as well asSPI-必威体育怎么登录沟通。这Arduino software contains a wired library for simplifying the utilization of the I2C bus.

如何使用Arduino Uno?

Arduino Uno.can detect the surroundings from the input. Here the input is a variety of sensors and these can affect its surroundings through controlling motors, lights, other actuators, etc. The ATmega328 microcontroller on the Arduino board can be programmed with the help of an Arduino programming language and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).Arduino projects可以在PC上运行时通过软件进行通信。

Arduino Programming

一旦在PC中安装了Arduino IDE工具,请在USB电缆的帮助下将Arduino板连接到计算机。打开Arduino IDE,通过选择工具 - > Board,选择右侧板..> Arduino Uno,通过选择工具 - >端口选择右侧端口。该板可以在Arduino的帮助下编程programming language取决于布线。

To activate the Arduino board &闪光灯在电路板上,将程序代码转储,选择文件 - >示例..>基础..>闪存。当编程代码转储到IDE中时,然后单击顶栏上的“上载”按钮。完成此过程后,请检查电路板上的LED闪光灯。


Arduino UNO板具有可重新布解的多熔丝,可防止PC的USB端口。虽然大多数PC都有自己的内心保护,但保险丝提供了额外的安全涂层。如果在USB端口上以上500mA,则熔丝将常规破解连接,直到移除过电压。


Arduino板的物理特性主要包括长度和宽度。这印刷电路板Arduino Uno的长度和宽度为2.7 X 2.1英寸,但电源插座和USB接口将超出先前的测量范围。板可以贴在表面上,否则用螺孔固定。

Arduino Uno Atmega328的应用

applications of Arduino Unoinclude the following.

  • Arduino Uno.用于自动的项目原型。
  • 基于基于代码的控制的开发项目
  • 自动化系统的开发
  • Designing of basic circuit designs.

因此,这一切都是关于Arduino Uno.datasheet。从上面的信息中,我们可以得出结论,这是一个8位Atmega328P微控制器。它具有不同的组件,如串行通信,必威体育怎么登录水晶振荡器,用于支撑的电压调节器the microcontroller。This board includes a USB connection, digital I/O pins-14, analog i/p pins-6, a power-barrel jack, a reset button, and an ICSP header. Here is a question for you, what is theArduino Uno价格在印度?

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