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Mutual Inductance
by必威 体育 2 months ago

What is Mutual Inductance and Its Theory

In 1831, Michael Faraday explained the theory of electromagnetic induction scientifically. The term inductance is, the capacity of the conductor to oppose the current flowing through it and induces emf. From Faraday’s laws of induction,...

WiFi Calling
by必威 体育 3 months ago


At present, Wi-Fi calling has gained so much popularity especially in smartphones like iPhone 6 & 6S plus because these phones are the first wifi calling feature enabled devices. All the smartphones don’t support this feature but...

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by必威 体育 6 months ago

What is Modbus : Working & Its Applications

Modbus protocol is generally referred to as the grandfather of industrialized networking. In the current era of web services and internet communication protocols, communication and the request to respond to communication scenarios are practically...

by必威 体育 7 months ago


In the late period of the 1990s, OTDR administrative representatives and customer community introduced an exclusive data technique for data storage and analysis of OTDR fiber information. The main intention behind this development was to...

Tan Delta Test Set
by必威 体育 7 months ago

What is Tan Delta Test : Its Principle and Modes

Well, we all know that there are extensive applications of transformers across many domains. So, it is more crucial to dig deep into the concept of transformer maintenance which involves oil tests, equipment testing, and many others. More...