易爱易项目列表for Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Students

必威网址下载电器和仪表工程(易爱易)is one of the topmost branches in engineering. There are many projects developed for EIE students. Here, we are giving someeie学生的项目想法列表, which are basic level to advanced level EIE projects with real-time applications. This article list outs different EIE projects for engineering students. The following list of EIE project ideas is collected from different categories like electrical, embedded, solar, microcontroller, robotics, communication, GSM, DTMF, etc. So these EIE projects are suitable for EIE students while selecting the project in final year engineering.

易爱易项目列表Ideas with Abstracts for Engineering Students


EIE Projects for Engineering Students
EIE Projects for Engineering Students
  • Propeller Display to Time and Message –Abstract
  • 基于GPS - GSM的车辆跟踪系统——抽象
  • Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content –Abstract
  • Wireless Health Monitoring System for Patients-Abstract
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control –Abstract
  • Security System Using Smartcard Technology
  • Line Following Robotic Vehicle –Abstract
  • TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control
  • Programmable Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
  • Object Detection by Ultrasonic –Abstract
  • Tampered Energy Meter Information Conveyed to Concerned Authority by Wireless Communication
  • Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic Sensor –Abstract
  • 便携式药物提醒
  • Programmable Energy Meter for Electrical Load Survey
  • 多个微控制器的网络
  • SCADA用于远程工业厂 -Abstract
  • 运动感测自动门开启系统 -Abstract
  • Pick N Place with Soft Catching Gripper –Abstract
  • 消防机器人车 -Abstract
  • 战区间谍机器人与夜视无线相机 -Abstract
  • GSM Protocol Based Integrated Energy Management System with Acknowledgement Feature
  • 地下电缆故障距离定位器–Abstract
  • 拨打电话号码显示在七个段显示器上显示
  • Non-Contact Tachometer –Abstract
  • 使用微控制器的机器人车辆跟随机器人 -Abstract
  • Auto Selection of Any Available Phase, in 3 Phase Supply System
  • 逆计数器电荷的生命周期测试
  • 使用GSM技术进行负载控制的能量仪表
  • Stamp Value Calculator for Postage Needs
  • Railway Track Security System –Abstract
  • Temperature Control System Using Thermistor
  • Electronic Eye Controlled Security System –Abstract
  • Finger Press Quiz Buzzer
  • Digital Control Home Automation System –Abstract
  • Tank Water Level Indicator –Abstract
  • Home Automation System Using Touch Screen –Abstract
  • Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways –Abstract
  • Home Automation System Using RF–Abstract
  • 障碍避免机器人车辆 -Abstract
  • Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle –Abstract
  • 使用RFID技术的护照详细信息 -Abstract
  • IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle –Abstract
  • 机器人车辆Controlled By Cell Phone –Abstract
  • 基于RFID技术的PIC微控制器的设备控制和认证 -Abstract
  • System of Solar Energy Measurement –Abstract

EIE Projects



This system provides a way to detect the location of the fault in underground cables which are otherwise an impossible task. The project uses resistors to represent an equal distance of the cable and the voltage drop across the resistors is sensed and processed to determine the exact location.

Here four rows of resistors are used with three rows connected to ground through a relay switch and the fourth row of resistors is connected to the feeder unit giving some DCvoltage supply。A switch is connected in series with each resistor in the three rows, used to represent the fault (on line to ground connection). When a fault occurs at any distance (represented by the closing of the switch), the voltage drop across the resistors is sensed and is converted to digital form using an ADC and this value is processed by the microcontroller to determine the distance of the fault. This distance is then displayed on the液晶显示器

GSM Electricity Energy Meter Billing

This project defines a digital way of calculating the electrical energy units consumed and sending this data electronically throughGSM communicationto the power station so that it is processed and based on this data the bill is prepared. This gives away to the users to keep a track of the energy units consumed.

The Energy meter is connected to the optoisolator and for each unit, the LED of the optoisolator blinks 10 times. The pulses from the optoisolator are fed to the microcontroller and when 10 pulses are received, it is assumed to be one unit. Accordingly, the microcontroller receives the no. of units and sends the information about the units consumed to the power station through the GSM modem. The electricity units consumed is displayed on the LCD display.

Programmable Energy Meter for Electrical Load Survey

This project is designed to measure the电能unit consumed by a single load for a certain amount of time and accordingly calculate the cost of using that load for the given time. This project provides a way to have knowledge about the energy consumption of loads and how using these loads can affect the monthly energy bill.



This project uses a WSN for safety monitoring of industrial hazardous. This system can be implemented through a GUI software & wireless data acquisition unit. ARM controller based Zigbee network mainly gets the information from the different types of sensors and sends it to the remote monitoring PC. LabVIEW software usingZigbeereceiver obtains the information and this information can be further displayed over GUI.

基于LabVIEW的Power Analyzer

该项目主要用于制作用于检查包括电源质量的参数的虚拟仪器,如功率因数, instantaneous power, active power, harmonics, & reactive power. This project works by using LabVIEW software & data acquisition card to attain the design.

Inductance Capacitance & Frequency Meter

该提出的系统使用用于测量频率,电容和电感的便携式仪器,帮助pic microcontroller.。This project uses two circuits like an LC oscillator as well as an RC oscillator using a PIC microcontroller to measure the different parameters. This frequency meter can be provided using LCD display & two probes to display the results by connecting the required components correspondingly.


This project explains how to get Electrooculography signal & processing instrument to detect the movements of the eye. This detection system helps disabled persons while moving their wheelchair depending on the movements of the eye. By using LabVIEW software, Electrooculography signals can be acquired and processed.

Monitoring & Controlling of Oil Well using WSNs

该项目使用ZigBee WSN来监控和控制油井。该无线传感器网络包括不同的节点,其中每个节点包括通过微控制器单元的气体,温度和电平传感器等传感器。可以使用ZigBee收发器模块在中间控制室中收集和监视网络中的所有节点的数据,从而可以收集信息,并在各个节点的方向上发送控制信号。


The list of EIE project ideas above 50 is listed below.

  • The list of EIE project ideas for engineering students is listed below.
  • Hybrid Agricultural Robot Design & Implementation
  • Design & Implementation of a Robotic Controlled through Wireless Gesture Arm
  • 空气污染控制和车辆检测
  • Interacting Conical Tank System Modeling & Simulation
  • Digital Tachometerthrough Contact-Less
  • WSN using Virtual Instrumentation within a Dangerous Environmental
  • 汽车事故防止系统
  • WSN based Smart Water Monitoring System
  • 挑选机器人通过基于Android的软捕捉夹具
  • Transferring System of Lignite using Microcontroller
  • Electronic Circuit Breaker which Acts Ultra Fast
  • Measurement System of Solar Power
  • Zigbee based Wireless Home Automation System for Voice Recognition
  • Measurement System of Water Quality
  • PEM燃料电池系统控制器设计与造型
  • Power Analyzer based on LabVIEW
  • Reading of Automated Wireless Meter for Monitoring & Controlling of Power Consumption
  • Automation System for Railway usingWireless Sensor Networks
  • 感应电机故障诊断使用PLC& SCADA
  • 超声波传感器-based measurement of Distance
  • Controlling of Precision Temperature
  • 精确地控制数字温度
  • PID Implementation in Real-Time for Fuzzy PD Controllers used in DC Servo Motor
  • Star Delta Starter for Induction Motor with Relays & Adjustable Electronic Timer
  • 基于LabVIEW和微控制器的SCADA系统
  • Controlling of Auto Power Supply from Mains, Solar, Inverter and Generator to Make Sure No Break Power
  • Energy Meter基于GSM进行负载控制的读数
  • MEMS数字加速度计振动监测使用LabVIEW
  • Wireless Camera with Night Vision based Spying Robot in War Field
  • Microcontroller and超声波传感器基于距离测量
  • Health Monitoring System Wirelessly used for Patients in Hospitals
  • Ultrasonic based Detection of Object
  • Security System Controlled by Electronic Eye
  • Energy Management System Integrated by GSM Protocol & Acknowledgement Characteristic
  • Bell System used in Institutions Automatically
  • 机器人车辆用于消防
  • Device Control & Authentication bas4ed on RFID & PIC
  • Microcontroller based Beacon Flasher
  • 机器人车辆避免障碍物
  • Multiple Motors Speed Synchronization Speed Synchronization
  • 管理系统具有最佳能量
  • Controlling System of Water Level Automatically with PLC Project
  • 自动用于液体分配器的自动售货机
  • 机器人车辆Followed by Line
  • Controlling of Water Pump Automatically through 4 Different Time Slots
  • 流量控制使用无线个域网
  • PIC Microcontroller based Controlling of Load Sharing
  • Inspection Robot for Indoor Pipeline using Zigbee
  • 使用太阳能和刮水器自动雨的操作
  • 用于无线地震的报警系统
  • Alert System of Automated Elevator
  • 用工业机器人对象排序自动化
  • 通过PLC回收水洗车
  • Cutting Machine for Paper using PLC
  • Fire Detection of Multi-channel & Alarm System using PLC
  • Billing of Power Meter & Controlling of Load with GSM
  • Control System for Smart Elevator using PLC
  • 瓶填充和通过PLC填充的机器
  • GSM based Energy Management System through Programmable Numbers
  • Machine for Stamping & Labeling Automatically using PLC
  • 由遥控器控制的机器人手臂用rf控制
  • Monitoring & Controlling of Drainage with PLC
  • Control System使用PLC的水坝快门
  • Detection of Liquid Level & & Flow Control based on ARM
  • 通过警报过热检测机器




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