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We know that there are different types of materials that carry electricity namely Cu, Al, Ge, Si, etc. These materials are called semiconductors which are used in several electronic devices. These semiconductor materials are good conductors...

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What is Thyratron : Working and Its Applications

The first thyratron was derived from the vacuum tubes like UV-200 in the 1920s. These tubes include a small amount of argon gas which increases its sensitivity like a radio signal detector as well as the german LRS relay tube. Generally,...

Different Types of Rectifiers
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Different Types of Rectifiers & Their Working

In a large number of electrical and electronic circuits, DC voltage is required for its operation. We can simply alter the AC voltage into DC voltage by using a device called a PN junction diode. One of the most significant applications...

Output of HWR
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In the period 1880’s itself, the identification and uniqueness of rectifiers were started. The advancement of rectifiers has invented various approaches in the domain of power electronics. The initial diode which was employed in the rectifier...